Rapid Results Planning is a 90-Day Action plan that engages the team in actions to improve a specific outcome-based goal or objective.What We Do

We approach all our engagements with one objective: To help our clients improve performance and achieve excellence by focusing on outcomes and results they wish to achieve.

Our Approach


We help our clients better understand opportunities for performance improvement and establish a clear direction for action.


We work with you to design an outcome-focused plan to drive performance improvement around the results you want to achieve. We believe that what gets measured, gets managed. Therefore we challenge leaders to develop outcome-based goals that are data informed and SMART goals: Specific •  Measurable • Achievable • Time-bound goals.


We help you put your plan into action and develop tools to track progress so you can refine your strategy and priorities as you learn from data about what is and isn’t working.

Our services and what you can expect

  • Meeting Facilitation – Meetings that help groups reach consensus, clarify strategic direction and result in an action plan
  • Rapid Results Planning – A 90-Day Action plan that engages the team in actions to improve a specific outcome-based goal or objective
  • Strategic Planning – An outcome-based plan that articulates the organization’s vision, mission, core beliefs, outcome-based goals, and priorities with timelines, persons responsible, implementation plan and measures of progress identified
  • Board Retreat Facilitation and Meeting Facilitation – Planning Retreats and Board Meetings that help boards establish the strategic direction of the organization. Develop clear and actionable board goals that help organizations fulfill their mission and sustain the organization.
  • Nonprofit Capacity Building – Help nonprofits and businesses build their capacity to grow
  • Project Management – Special projects managed by our staff to achieve your desired results
  • Organizational Development – Teams collaborate to improve systems and apply effective business practices to generate results
  • Change Management and Executive Coaching – Support for leadership to manage change to realize results
  • Team Building, Leadership Development and Professional Development – Training and support to develop a strengths-based leadership model and practices within the organization
  • Focus Groups and Needs Assessment – Needs assessment to help understand customer or employee suggestions for system improvement